Bald Head Island is the site of the first lighthouse in NC and was built to guide ships into the Cape Fear River in 1796. In 1818 it was replaced by the current lighthouse know as Old Baldy. It was deactivated in 1935. It stands 110 feet and is the oldest standing lighthouse on the NC coast.

It is a thirty-minute ferry ride from Southport to Bald Head Island. Cars are not allowed, but golf carts can be rented on the island or it is a short walk to the lighthouse. Old Baldy is very spacious inside because of its wide base. This lighthouse has much charm, it is weathered on the outside and the light is not centered on the top.

Bald Head Island can only be reached by passenger ferry from Indigo Marina at Southport. For information call (800) 234-1666 or (910) 457-5000. It is open to the public daily.

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