The Hunting Island Lighthouse was completed in 1875. This lighthouse is built of interchangeable cast-iron sections so that it can be dismantled and moved. It was originally located on the north end of the island but in 1889 it was moved 1.3 miles from the old site because of beach erosion. The light is no longer in service but had a second-order Fresnel lens. The tower is 132.5 feet and there are 167 steps to the observation deck. This was one of our favorite settings among the palmettos, pines and swamps. We walked on the beach where we could see how the sea is eroding the island and claiming the forest.

Take US-21 east of Beaufort to Hunting Island State Park. The lighthouse is open seven days a week until 5:00pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day and other times by appointment. Visitors may climb to the top of the lighthouse. For more information, write Hunting Island State Park, 1775 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena, SC 29920.

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